MFA Yang Lan

From Above, From Within

Tuesday, May 14 - Saturday, May 25, 2024

Gallery hours: Mondays - Fridays from 10am - 4pm, Saturdays from 12 - 5pm.
Closed Monday, May 20 for Victoria Day.

Gordon Snelgrove Gallery 

Artist's Talk: Wednesday, May 15 at 6 - 7pm 

Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 15 at 7 - 9pm

About the Exhibition

As an artist, my work is a visual reflection of my journey through life, shaped by experiences, cultural influences, and a deep connection to the natural world. Inspired by the Chinese proverb "读万卷书,行万里路" ("Read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles"), my artistic exploration begins with childhood dreams of touching the sky and unfolds through formal education and professional development. Drawing from experiences in China, the Middle East, America, and Canada, I have found my true expression in abstract landscape painting. Through dynamic brushwork and vibrant colours, I seek to capture the energy and motion of the environment, evoking the ever-changing beauty of nature. My current exploration focuses on the themes of intuition, atmosphere, and vision. Guided by instinctive feelings and sensory experiences, I translate memories and emotions onto canvas, creating artworks that invite viewers on a visual journey through space and time.

Drawing inspiration from masters like Claude Monet, John Constable, and Gustave Dore, I aim to convey not just the physical beauty of nature but also the emotional depth and rhythm of the natural world. Through experimentation with mediums such as woodcuts, I push the boundaries of traditional painting, seeking new ways to capture the texture and forms of the landscape. In essence, my work is a celebration of the transformative power of travel and cultural immersion, inviting others to join me in experiencing the awe, wonder, and reverence I feel toward the world.

About the Artist

Originally from China, Yang Lan is a landscape painter who has spent decades living in the Middle East and a few years in the US. She earned her BFA degree from the University of Jordan, refining her skills in traditional painting techniques. Traveling plays a significant role in her life, deeply influencing her art practice. Nature serves as her primary inspiration for art creation, allowing her to explore the interplay of colour and shapes. Yang's artwork reflects the rhythms of her multi-perspective vision and the dynamic motion inherent in travel. Currently, in the final stage of pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Canada, she delves into themes of intuition, atmosphere, and vision, drawing inspiration from masters like Monet and Constable. Through her art, Yang invites viewers on a journey of discovery, celebrating the transformative power of travel and cultural immersion.

Programming and Events

Artist's Talk: Wednesday, May 15 at 6pm

Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 15 at 7 - 9pm