Acquisition Statement

The University of Saskatchewan Art Collection continues to build its holdings through purchases and donations. All donors are recognized for their generous gifts and may qualify for income tax receipts. Donors may submit offers of donation for a charitable property tax receipt.  The USask Art Collection has a Class 5 Cultural Property designation.  Prospective gifts are subject to the approval of the Art Acquisitions Committee. The Collection is currently stored in an Art Vault equipped with humidity and temperature controls, and is located in the Peter MacKinnon Building on the ground floor.

Please note the University Art Collection currently has a moratorium on collecting artwork not produced by BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ artists. This is an act of reparation that acknowledges the systemic barriers to collection as well as the important role a collection plays in amplifying the values and belief systems of their host institution and stewards.  As the University Art Collection has exceptional representation of early Modernist works, and has actively collected the artists that have represented settler/immigrant culture, we now seek improved balance and enrichment of our collection to actively demonstrate our institutionally stated values.

Submitting an Artwork

Artwork may be offered as a donation for a cultural property tax receipt or a charitable tax receipt in a calendar year, as designated by the date the transfer of ownership is signed. Prospective donors should speak with their accountant, or inquire at University Relations, to determine tax ramifications pertaining to the gift.

Please include the following items with your letter of intent to donate artwork to the USask Art Galleries and Art Collection. An email is fine. All of the documentation listed below is necessary for both a charitable tax receipt and a CCPERB application. We cannot proceed with your donation offer until we receive the information listed below.

Personal Information:

  • Name of Donor(s) in full
  • Home mailing address
  • Phone number(s)

Art Object Information:

  • Image
  • Artist
  • Title
  • Date of creation
  • Medium
  • Dimensions
  • Condition
  • Provenance

Compiled information on artist(s) and art object(s) will be submitted to the Art Acquisitions Committee who will determine whether it is of interest to the University.  University Transfer documents will be forwarded for a donor signature once the gift has been fully determined and approved by the Committee. Following approval and transfer of the gift, the works will be catalogued and appraisals will be obtained. Donations made contingent upon acquiring a desirable evaluation, or upon CCPERB certification, will not be considered by the University of Saskatchewan.  For cultural property gifts, the application package will then be forwarded to the CCPERB for processing, and a letter will be sent to the University and the donor once a decision has been made, accompanied by a tax certificate if the application was successful. An income tax receipt will then be sent by the University of Saskatchewan, Financial Services Division. 


If you have questions or require assistance with your donation, please contact the USask Art Galleries offices:
(306) 966-4571

or for tax related queries, please contact University Relations:
(306) 966-5186 or 1-800-699-1907