Placement Overview

Over 2,000 works of art from the USask Art Collection are on display in buildings and offices on campus through the Campus Art Placement Program. The program offers USask students, staff and faculty the opportunity to enhance their surroundings and benefit from everyday encounters with original works of art. Our goal is to have as much of the collection on view as possible by placing artworks in offices, hallways, lobbies, lounges and other high traffic public spaces. Many areas feature thematic placements and temporary Collection-based exhibitions.

Requesting a Placement

If interested in an art placement for your area, please contact the University Art Collection:

(306) 966-4571

The Art Collection charges an administration fee for placing artworks from the collection into buildings on campus. Fees are directed to a fund to support the conservation and framing of artwork in the collection.  There is a one time cost from the Art Collection of $125 for 2 hours of consultation (add $50/hour for additional time) and $45 per artwork placed.  Note that framing and installation is at the additional cost of the client.  Commercial art framers do our framing, University Material Handlers move the work if vehicles are neceessary, and Facilities Management carpenters install the work with security hangers.  

During the initial space assessment, we must ensure that specific conditions are met to ensure the safety and security of the artwork. Prospective placement locations are assessed to determine suitability based on dimensions, visibility, security, environmental controls, relationship to other works in the area, longevity of the location remaining as is at the time of the assessment and pedestrian and other traffic.  It is preferred that artworks be installed in areas of high public exposure, including reception areas, lounges, boardrooms and communal spaces to best serve the university community and its visitors.  These areas of greater engagement will be prioritized over individual offices.

We will inquire about what kind of work you are interested in for the space, and then send a number of images that we believe you may be interested in considering.  After an initial dialogue where we outline available works that we believe are suitable for the space, a final decision is made together and we obtain estimates for framing and installation to ensure that it fits your budget.  Information labels accompany each installed artwork to promote public understanding, identification and appreciation of the artworks. Th eplacement and production of thsi neceessary part fo public installation of artwork, must also be discussed at this time.

Placement Highlights

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