Material World

Various Artists

April 09, 2024 - April 13, 2024

Snelgrove Art Gallery

Curated by Susan Shantz and Terry Billings

A week-long exhibition featuring works by senior students in the area of Sculpture and Related Works.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday from 10am to 4pm, and Saturday from 12 - 5pm

Closing Reception: Saturday, April 13th from 2 - 5pm

About the Exhibition

This exhibition features work created by senior students in Sculpture and Related Work during the fall and winter terms (2023/2024). Students explored evolving relationships and conversations with materials and processes to develop the parameters of their investigations. Surprising concepts emerged to inform their imaginative material worlds in a wide range of media.

Featured Artists

Student Participants

Cricket Adamcryck, Princess Agbon, Cheyenne Albert, Coleen Baliad, Alex Barrones, Atrayee Basu, Shelby Boughner, Raina Buffalo Pechawis, Jose Britton, Natalia Carmona, Emily Collins, Leo Conquergood, Soheila Fallah, Abraham Galman, Arden Hernandez, Maia Houle, Randy Huang, Jensen, Christie Keller, Alesi Lubchenko, Amanda May, Asha Pederson, William Ramsay, Leanne Read, Ryan Richards, Danaka Stromberg, Terry Sykes Knutson, Teekae, Cassandra Van Buckenhout, Paige Willey, Nelia De Kock, and Shanna Yahyahkeekoot

Additional Participants

Also included in this exhibition are projects completed in the sculpture studio this term by Visiting Artists, Adrian Golban and Brendan Copestake (with family collaborators Carmen, Alec & Felix) and Visiting Research Student, Kara Uzelman, as well as works by Sculpture Instructors and Staff: Terry Billings, Susan Shantz and Todd Lyons.

Programming and Events

Closing Reception: Saturday, April 13th at 2 - 5pm.