Various Artists

February 12, 2024 - February 16, 2024

Snelgrove Art Gallery

Curated by John Graham

 A week-long exhbition featuring works by both the Senior Printmaking class, and the Intermediate Printmaking classes. 

Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday, between 10am to 4pm

Closing Reception: Friday, February 16 from 6 to 9pm. Food and drinks will be provided. Everyone is welcome.

About the Exhibition

BLEND features printed artworks by 31 students in Senior and Intermediate Printmaking in the Department of Art and Art History. This group exhibition features a broad range of thematic and aesthetic interests in many print media.

Instructor: John Graham, Associate Prorfessor of Printmaking/Digital Media

Featured Artists

Senior Printmaking

Brian Bayaras, Ailah Carpenter, Susan Clark, Molly Cooper, Alan Fogel, Lexi Johnson, Mya Lauer, Kira Mayhew, Kelsey Pavier, Adam Ramsden-Enns, Deandra Reid, Saba Tensae, Cassandra Van Buekenhout, Aljo Villaneuva

Intermediate Printmaking

Jillian Albers, Braedy Borowsky, Paige Burnett, Jade Burns, Hannah Duke, Aldeneil Espanola, Mary French, Azul Gonzalez Azila, Marcel Houston-McIntosh, Charles Huang, Katie Jackson, Elliot Jones, Liz McKnight, Nicholas Paradis, Nicole Parker, Sasha Prut, Marlo Turk

Programming and Events

BLEND closing reception: Friday, February 16th at 6 - 9pm