Artist Intensive: Alexandre Burton

March 04, 2024 - March 05, 2024

The Artist's Talk by Visiting Artist Alexandre Burton on Monday, March 4th at 2:30 - 4:00pm in Convo Hall was cancelled due to severe weather. 

As an artist working with software and technology applied to intermedia, Burton defines his practice as the continuous intersection of conceptual intent with technical implementations. It is a feedback-learning process out of which art objects sometimes plop out. He will present a few of these works and discuss artistic considerations along the way.

There will still be a Master Class on Tuesday, March 5th at 1:30 - 4:00pm in Health Sci Library E1430, students will be presented with Burton's research into new media software and hardware. Students will be also be invited to participate in coding. This is a hands-on opportunity! 

About the Artist

Alexandre Burton is a Montréal based artist that describes himself as a digital luthier and runs the studio, ArtificielWorking digitally with systems development and special practices he has produced stand-alone works of sound art that engage tesla coils, dancers, light bulbs as speakers, and computer code.