Various Artists

April 16, 2024 - April 20, 2024

Snelgrove Art Gallery

Curated by Gabriela Sieminska-Hauck

A week-long exhibition featuring works by Senior Photography students.

Instructor: Jennifer Crane


Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday from 10am to 4pm, and Saturday from 12 - 5pm

Opening Reception: Monday, April 15th at 5 - 8pm. Music mixed by DJ Fu.

About the Exhibition

This collective exhibit showcases the work of senior photography students and MFA graduates, curated by Gabriela Sieminska-Hauck and supervised by Jennifer Crane. The title of the exhibit, "24/7," is inspired by the projects produced by all seven students in the year 2024. The work explores a variety of deeply personal subject matters, highlighting the students' perspectives on space and time as a backdrop for sharing past, present, and future experiences. Throughout the exhibit, the students challenge traditional notions of portraying their surrounding environments, with some pieces focusing heavily on symbolism. Additionally, mural photographs produced by senior-year students will be featured, while the graduates' work highlights the practice they have developed over the past year. The photographs include a mix of film, digital, and historical processes, such as cyanotype, printed on photographic paper and clay plates. The work on display is a testament to the extraordinary talent and vision of the students. The exhibition offers a unique insight into the creative minds of the next generation of photographic artists.
With wall drawings by artist Owen Ish.

Featured Artists

Adrian Porter is a 4th year U of S student majoring in Studio Art, specializing in animation, video art, drawing, and photography. Adrian has a real drive to prove himself- having been homeschooled as well as dealing with Asperger’s Syndrome. His works are experimental, influenced by themes of self-reflection and emotion, but choosing to address these themes with nostalgia and playfulness. Adrian is from Swift Current, SK. He has also lived half his life in Cochabamba, Bolivia (South America). 

Atrayee Basu is a multidisciplinary Indian Canadian artist. Atrayee will finish her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Honors with a major in Studio Art in the spring of 2024. During her undergraduate years, she delved into research using multiple materials and combined ceramic and cyanotype to find new possibilities. Her love for research in art mediums drags her to more opportunities, so she will be joining the Master of Fine Art (MFA) program at the University of Saskatchewan in the Fall of 2024. Her research interests are intertwined with traditional and contemporary art practices.

During her BFA, as a curator in the Visual Arts Union (VASU), she encouraged the artistic minds of her peers to showcase their love for art. She also takes on multiple community works, such as volunteering at art events and conducting drawing workshops for community gardeners. She teaches at a local art school and the University of Saskatchewan's Community Art program. Atrayee is the recipient of the University of Saskatchewan's Manjari Sharma Memorial Award in Sculpture.

David Allen is in his final year of undergraduate studies, pursuing a degree in History and a Certificate in Global Studies. Over the past three years, David has progressed through photography courses at USask, working with digital and analogue formats.

Gabriela Sieminska-Hauck is a versatile artist with a multidisciplinary background, born and raised in Southern Poland. Growing up in an artistic family, she has been exposed to diverse art forms from a young age. After travelling extensively, she settled in Saskatoon, Canada, pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree, focusing on photography and visual arts. Gabriela earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree from the University of Saskatchewan and teaches Foundational Drawing in the Art and Art History Department. Additionally, she holds a position at Remai Modern Gallery; she works in the Learning and Engagement Department, teaching art, conducting workshops, and developing descriptive tours. Gabriela's body of work explores the theme of cultural assimilation in a multicultural society encompassing several communities and nationalities. She has exhibited her creations in many parts of Canada, and her research revolves around spirituality as she seeks to bridge her Polish Canadian roots. By employing various techniques, she continues to document Canada's diverse customs, traditions, and cultural richness.

Hello, my name is Jessica Lewis. I am a fourth-year student with my major in Art Studio and a minor in psychology and sociology. I am also a mother of two which has curated a lot of photos in my years as a parent. During my time at the U of S, I have spent as much as I could learning about photography and all it has to offer. My hope is to bring mental health into more conversations through art.

Naazy Sedaghatkerdar is a photographer and artist originated from Iran and currently pursues her MFA at the University of Saskatchewan. Her artistic journey has prominently begun through photography, and she has participated in several exhibitions in her home country, showcasing her photos and photo books. However, since she is eager to become an intermedia artist, she is keen on exploring various mediums and techniques as well, such as video art, installation, and performance. She holds a particular fascination for themes and concepts surrounding the relationship between humanity and nature, land, communication, space, herself, and related subjects.

My name is Rubayat Amin. I am originally from Bangladesh and have been living in Saskatchewan, Canada since 2014. I’m a Bachelor of Arts Student at the University of Saskatchewan, with Studio Arts as my major. Drawing, Painting and Photography are my passions and I do what I can to pursue a career of them, each with style.

Programming and Events

Opening Reception: Monday, April 15th at 5 - 8pm