The Structurist Creative Research Fellowship

The fellowship was established to propagate the legacy of The Structurist, an international, interdisciplinary journal founded in 1960 by Eli Bornstein that addresses art, architecture, ecology, culture and communication. The journal began and continued as an annual until 1972 when it changed to publishing biennially as double issues. It has been distributed to over 30 countries, including leading museums and university libraries.

In its lifespan, the journal became increasingly concerned with the relationship between art and ecology – in how creative practices can not only participate in preserving and protecting our threatened ecosphere but are required and necessary. The Fellowship seeks to support work that contributes to this legacy in active and contemporary ways and supports work that thickens this legacy, not mythologizes it.

The Structurist Fellowship is available to individuals pursuing research and creative work that engages in the thematics brought forward in the journal and their intersections. The urgency of these connections and the potential of investigation therein is heightened in this historical moment of climate death, migrant crises, and divisive global policies.

Projects undertaken must culminate in a form that will be available to the public, such as:

- publication
- exhibition
- film or other media
- actions
- performance

While the above may necessarily occur elsewhere or online, supported projects must also include a seminar, symposium or public lecture in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and will be facilitated by the University of Saskatchewan Art Galleries and Collections team.

Proposed projects will have a budget up to $18,000.
Costs associated with travel and accommodations for the Saskatoon presentations are separate from that allocation.

Fellows will have full access to all University of Saskatchewan archival material pertaining to The Structurist, as well as its art collection.


The Structurist Fellowship is open to both Canadian and International applicants at any stage in their career.

How to Apply

  • Project/Research Proposal 
  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Letters of Recommendation / Letter of Support
  • Work/Budget Plan

Proposed projects will be adjudicated on the following three criteria, with the weightings of each criterion shown in brackets:

  1. Relationship to The Structurist (40%)
    A minimum of two of the following must be addressed with great strength in the proposal and specifically identified as such.
    • the processes of creation in art, architecture and nature
    • ideas in architecture and the arts, their histories and their relations to each other as well as to science, technology and nature
    • abstract constructive art, its origins and the future development of media incorporating structure and colour in space
    • art and ecology—how art and architecture can participate in preserving and protecting our threatened ecosphere
  2. Overall Excellence of Proposal (30%)
    • Creativity and originality
    • Letter of support and curriculum vitae/portfolio
    • Ability to complete the project within an appropriate budget.
  3. Benefit of outcome (30%)
    • Strength of public component
    • Interdisciplinary value
    • Enhances the reputation of the College of Arts & Science/U of S

Please contact structurist.fellowship@usask.ca for more information.

All applications must be submitted via email.

Please submit your application with the subject line "Your Name_Structurist Fellowship Application" to structurist.fellowship@usask.ca


Applications for the 3rd structurist fellowship are accepted between Nov 15, 2023 and Feb 15, 2023.

Results will be announced by the beginning of April. 

Fellowship Timeline

4th Structurist Fellowship (2026-2028) Application Deadline: Nov 15, 2025 - Feb 15, 2026
3rd Structurist Fellowship (2024-2026) Application Deadline: Nov 15, 2023 - 
2nd Structurist Fellowship (2022-2024) Recipient: Dr. Márton Orosz
2020 - 2022

 Pause due to Covid-19 Pandemic

1st Structurist Fellowship (2018-2020) Recipient: Lawrence Blough

Past Recipients

Márton Orosz interviewing Friedrich St. Florian architect and former CAVS Fellow in his office in Providence, Rhode Island, 2011. Photo: István Kaczári

2nd Structurist Fellowship (April 2022- April 2024) 

György Kepes: Interthinking Art + Science

Márton Orosz

Márton Orosz (b. 1979, Budapest, Hungary) is the Founder and Curator of the Collection of Photography and Media Arts at the Museum of Fine Arts–Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest. He is also the Acting Director of the Vasarely Museum affiliated with the same institution. He has published widely on new media, kinetic art, concrete art, photography, and film history, and curated exhibitions on these subjects internationally. 

Installation view of Domestic Mutations in the Age of the Sharing Paradigm

1st Structurist Fellowship (2018-2020)

Domestic Mutations in the Age of the Sharing Paradigm

Lawrence Blough

Lawrence Blough is the Principal of GRAFTWORKS Design Research and professor at the Pratt Institute School of Architecture. Before founding GRAFTWORKS in 1999, he worked in the offices of Peter Eisenman and was a senior associate at Architecture Theatre, a nonprofit architecture and urbanism foundation. His projects and collaborations have been widely published both in the U.S. and abroad and have been exhibited at institutions such as Temple University, MoMA, Locust Projects in Miami, CAUE 92 in France and Yale University.